Apartments for sale in Clapham Junction


Houses for sale in Clapham Junction, London

Nicknamed “Nappy Valley” because of its popularity among couples with young children, Clapham has developed an excellent reputation for the quality of life it offers, making it a fantastic place to live.

The vibrant Northcote Roadis the famous main street which comes to life on weekend evenings with its terraces, trendy pubs and bars packed with people. An eclectic population of young professionals, families with children and young gay Londoners have decided to move to Clapham because of its hip and friendly vibe.

Reasons to choose a house in Clapham Junction

Why should you buy an apartment or house in Clapham? First of all, there is plenty of green space in this area, including Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common, large parks which are busy every weekend with sports clubs and people enjoying the outdoors.

Clapham is a very liveable neighbourhood, close to the parks with a lively atmosphere and everything you need close by. Getting into the centre of London is quick and easy with the Northern Line, even though it is considered one of the busiest Tube lines in the capital. Every Saturday there is a farmers’ market where you can buy fresh cheese, bread, meat, fish and vegetables, as well as mouthwatering roast chicken stuffed with lemons. Abbeville Village, on one side of the Common, and Northcote Road in the popular “Between the Commons” area also famous and sought-after addresses, known for the quality of their small, local shops.

> Clapham Junction boasts some of the best schools in London

There are many outstanding state and private primary schools in this part of London, including Clapham Manor, St Mary’s RC, Macauley CofE, Belleville and Honeywell “Between the Commons”. Without a doubt, this area is a great choice for families looking to buy a house in a good part of London.

Which areas do we recommend in Clapham Junction?

The best areas are those “Between the Commons”, the zone bordered by Clapham Common, Lavender Hill and Battersea Park.

Average prices for the borough and area:

  • Prices can swing by 10%
  • Prices updated at 2022
studio flat
2 bed flat
3 bed flat
4 bed flat
Clapham Junction£450k-500k£500k-1.0m£1.0m-2.0m£2.0m-3.5m£3.5m+
Clapham Common£400k-500k£450-£700k£700k-1.0m£1.0m-2.5m£2.0m+
Clapham South£450k-500k£500k-750k£750k-1.5m£1.5m-3.0m£2.5m+

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