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Houses for sale in Covent Garden, London

At Welcome Home, we take great care over your property investment as if it were our own. Investing in a property in Covent Garden will provide you with an immediate high return: indeed, this is one of the most sought-after zones of the city thanks to itscentral location

An apartment in Covent Garden is not just a home, it is your own front row seat for London life. That’s not all: this area guarantees a secure, high-yield investment, thanks to the very high demand, ensuring your property will not sit vacant for long, either in the short or long-term. Living so close to the city’s biggest attractions is one of the most desirable features for anyone looking to buy a property in London.

Why choose a property in Covent Garden?

When you choose an apartment in Covent Garden, you are choosing tolive at the centre of the world.

Located between Piccadilly Circus, Belgravia and Oxford Street, this neighbourhood is the beating heart of the West End, the home of entertainment and nightlife in London. The roads around Covent Garden are always busy and bursting with life, full of opportunities to meet new people. The West End is whereLondoners come to enjoy themselves: you can go shopping in the fashionable boutiques on Oxford Street and discover historic stores, or take in a show at the Royal Opera House followed by dinner in one of the area’s many restaurants.

An apartment in Covent Garden is your passport to a unique way of life, allowing you to experience the frenetic pace of life of central London.

Our properties in the heart of London

Neal’s Yard

We can help you toselect your next investment property from a range of houses located in the most prestigious parts of London. We have apartments for sale in several areas of Covent Garden, including: The Strand, the street which connects Trafalgar Square and Fleet Street, Long Acre, the main thoroughfare in Covent Garden, and Kings Street, the gateway to the market.

Average prices for the borough and area:

  • Prices can swing by 10%
  • Prices updated at 2022
studio flat
2 bed flat
3 bed flat
4 bed flat
Covent Garden£450k-500k£500k-1.0m£1.0m-2.0m£2.0m-3.5m£3.5m+

We care about your property investment in London.