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Every property needs regular care and attention to keep it in prime condition long-term, protecting its value. This is not easy to do when you are thousands of kilometres away from the house or apartment that you own, as is the case with an investment property in London.
But help is at hand! Welcome Home offers advice and practical help for routine maintenance, repairs and refurbishment. How? Thanks to an extensive portfolio of companies and skilled professionals which we work with, from plumbers to locksmiths, from painters and decorators to electricians. Our team is able to respond quickly and select the most suitable solution to protect and maximise the value of your investment property in London.
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Step-by-step support

At Welcome Home we start working as soon as we are appointed to manage your property, conducting in-depth legal and technical due diligence to ensure that all necessary certificates of conformity are available (gas, electricity, energy efficiency). A subsequent inspection of the property is carried out to avoid any unpleasant surprises for the client, highlighting any damage which requires urgent repair, maintenance work to be carried out in the short term to prevent further problems and annual checks on the gas and electrical systems.
For repairs and refurbishment works, you will be involved in real-time every step of the way. Welcome Home guarantees it will send regular photos and reports so you have everything under control, even when you are hundreds of kilometres away.
You can discuss potential solutions with our team and select the most suitable supplier for your requirements, based on the quotes which we have received. Suppliers are required to document the condition of the property before, during and after the work. Welcome Home will only take action at its own initiative for emergency works with limited costs. This allows us to ensure that every job is completed by the expected deadline to the highest standard.

You can plan the refurbishment of your property with complete peace of mind: our team will protect you from unpleasant surprises, offering you support on how to improve your property and advice on how to get the most investment.

Tailored advice

Welcome Home offers even more, providing qualified legal advice, on matters such as who should pay in the event of damage. Is it the responsibility of the apartment owner, the tenant or the building ownership?
Issues relating to wear routine maintenance (for example, a leaking tap) are generally the responsibility of the apartment owner. But what happens if it is the tenant who is responsible? Welcome Home oversees the entire process, recommend one of its suppliers and ensuring the completed works are inspected. If the problem relates to the building (such as in the event of a water leak on the floor above), our team will document the situation with photographs and reports and will handle the necessary paperwork with the insurance company, so the repairs can be made quickly.
We are the ideal partner for your investment property in London to ensure that it is always in perfect condition!

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Boutique hotel in Covent Garden – Projected and managed by Welcome Home