Welcome Home, your Italian Estate Agency in London

Purchase, rent and mantain your property in London with tailor-made services

An all-Italian real estate partner in the heart of London

Are you living in Italy but considering the purchase of a real estate in London? Navigating the process can be a challenge. The London market is incredibly competitive and complex, so It’s best to partner with specialists with extensive expertise in the area. With more than ten years of experience, Welcome Home is your Italian real estate agency in London. We’ll guide you on all aspects of real estate investment — from purchasing a property to renting and maintaining it. We’re your go-to partner on the ground in London who can navigate all bureaucratic, administrative and legal processes in the United Kingdom, and we’re fully Italian, so we speak your language and understand your perspective.

Tailor-made real estate services

Our tailor-made solutions include:

Tenant vetting

Are you looking to rent your property in London? We’ll handle the entire process for you, including advertising, conducting tours and checking tenant history. We’ll take reference checks and verification of a tenant’s bill payment history. We’ll also handle the collection of deposits, the signing of the lease itself and pre-move-in inspections. Nothing is left to chance.

Property management

We’ll personally ensure that your property in London is ready to be marketed. We’ll verify all safety certificates and draw up a comprehensive list of all onsite inventory which allows us to verify the property’s condition at the beginning and end of each lease. We’ll prepare your property for photographs and viewings, clean and present it, and obtain all necessary insurance policies. In short, we’ll do everything required to get your property tenant-ready.

Property maintenance and renovation

Are you looking to renovate your property in London? Managing maintenance and renovations from afar can be a challenge. We offer advice and assistance through our extensive portfolio of skilled professionals, including electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators. Our team is local, so we’ll keep the process running smoothly and address any issues that arise to maximise the value of your property.

Property searches

If you want to purchase a property in London, working with one of our property finders helps simplify all the legal, administrative and bureaucratic processes. As your Italian real estate agent in London, we have the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect place. Moreover, we can overcome communication barriers and serve as a liaison between you and the British market, allowing you successfully navigate the entire process.