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London is one of the most international marketplaces in the world, where the property sector continues to grow and develop. The capital of the United Kingdom represents an outstanding opportunity for you to invest, giving you access to tax benefits and lasting returns from rental contracts thanks to a stable and secure legal system. However, investing in the British property market can be risky for an inexperienced investor. This is why it is always a good idea to use a property finder who can offer guidance to investors when purchasing a new property. At Welcome Home, we love to make your dreams come true as if they were our own.

Why choose a property finder?

Working with one of our property finder helps to simplify all of the legal, administrative and bureaucratic processes. With decades of experience in London, we are able to overcome communication barriers, acting as a bridge between you and the British market, helping you to understand the spoken language and all of the terminology specific to the property sector.
Property purchases in the United Kingdom are almost exclusively leasehold. This means it is important to fully understand all of the rights purchased with the leasehold of the property, as well as any building charges for which you will be responsible and the duration of the lease. Our property finders are able to help you to understand all of the legal aspects of the British regulations, providing legal support for a transparent investment which is fully compliant with the current legislation.
Lastly, appointing our agency to find your property gives you access to a wide selection of properties to suit your requirements.
Trust us with your investment: we work with you personally to ensure a definite and lasting return on your property.

Our secure, comprehensive and bespoke property brokerage service in London

We handle every project with great care and attention, tailoring our services to suit your needs. You can rely on the experience of our professional staff who are native Italian speakers, on hand seven days a week to provide you with immediate clarification on all of the bureaucratic, administrative and legal issues required to complete your investment.
We look after every aspect of your property; every maintenance request becomes for us a full inspection, drawing up a report to quote for all of the necessary costs.
At Welcome Home, our customers are more than just a number. We offer personal support every step of the way to finalise your investment, offering a comprehensive service: finding the most suitable property for you through trusted agents and sellers; negotiation of the contracts; full management of the property; selection of tenants; dealing with bureaucratic and legal aspects of the leasehold contract for your property and future tenancy agreements.
Join the Welcome Home family, at your service with our in-depth knowledge of London and the British market to guide you towards the most profitable properties.