Short-term vs Long-term lettings

What is the difference between short-term and long-term rents in London?

On this page, we will look at the pros and cons of a short-term rent versus a long-term one in London. First of all, we should clearly define what we mean by a short-term rent, compared with a long-term rent.

Short-term rents in London

A short-term rent is well-suited to people intending to visit London for holidays or for work. Families who do not want to spend their week shut up in a hotel room or professionals who need an office/house for work, perhaps using it to host work meetings. Short-term rents offer an ideal solution for owners who want to live in their investments by visiting London from time-to-time.
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Long-term rents in London

A long-term rent is well-suited to anyone looking to live permanently in London, especially professionals and families, who are moving to London for extended periods (usually at least 6 months). In addition, long-term rents are an effective solution for owners too who want to safeguard their apartment: tenants who stay in apartments for many months tend to look after the property more carefully, treating it as if it were their own.

Advantages and disadvantages of short and long-term rents

In this table, we will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages for owners and tenants.

O W N E R :



Many rental cycles, requiring more cleaning and maintenance

Fewer rental cycles, less maintenance in the long-term

Seasonal cash flow with peaks and troughs, risk of down periods

Stable cash flow over the long term

Risk of causing nuisance to neighbours and within the building: short-term rents are not viewed favourably by neighbours or by the building, which in many cases prevents it.

No nuisance caused to the building and neighbours. Often, the owner is required to notify the building about the tenant and pay a sub-letting fee to the freeholder.

Flexibility, option to live in the apartment

Little flexibility, the apartment is rented out on 6-12 month contracts

TE N A N T :



Here-today-gone-tomorrow rents, ideal for brief stays with lots of flexibility.

Long-term rent ideal for families or professionals looking for stability.

Flexibility, since the contracts are often renewed monthly, with a notice period in the days or weeks.

Very binding, since the minimum term starts from 6 months, and a deposit must be lodged.

Much more privacy, you do not have to account for everyone who enters the house, unlike in a hotel.

The tenant is subject to a screening process, with references required from previous agencies or owners.

Much cheaper than a hotel room and offering more space and much more privacy.

Much cheaper than a short-term rent, with the rental fee agreed for the long term.

Why rent an apartment in London?

Living in central London is the perfect choice for anyone who works in some of the world’s most famous investment banks or law firms. La vita in centro a Londra non è solo molto comoda, ma anche uno status symbol. Vivere a Notting Hill, South Kensington o a Covent Garden è una vera e propria “occasione” per essere al centro del mondo e accedere alle novità prima di tutti. London is a place where
there are so many opportunities to grow professionally. If it is your talent that has brought you to the city, you will find an array of opportunities here to build relationships and meet other talented people who can help you to further progress your career. And at Welcome Home, we are here to help you identify the best apartment or house for your requirements.

Who are your potential tenants for apartments in Zone 1 of London?

We search for tenants for your rental apartments in London with all of our professional expertise: we check references, meet applicants and support them throughout the duration of their tenancy. We keep in constant contact with owners and tenants to keep them up to date, resolve any issues and respond to any requirements.
For us, it is more than business: your properties will be handled with care and love as if they were our homes because every client is part of the Welcome Home family.

Do you have a house in London? Here is why you should consider renting it out

London is one of the strongest and most profitable property markets in Europe: in recent years, after the global property crisis, the sector has grown constantly leading to highly competitive property prices.
Renting a house in London for long periods of time allows you to stabilise cash flows with a secure and transparent regular incomes, thanks to the current legislation in the United Kingdom. In addition to fiscal advantages, a long-term rent in London allows you to plan for a continuous cash flow during the months when your property is occupied by tenants. Keeping an apartment occupied by referenced tenants also ensures your house is well care for.
At Welcome Home, we find the right property to suit your needs and we take care of managing each property at every stage of the tenancy: from refurbishment, to regular maintenance, to the search for tenants.